Giraffes and Octopuses

‘The earth is the Lord ’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; ‘

Psalm 24.1

I’ve written about this song before but I love it so much, ‘scenes’ by Charlie hall, its about forgetting about God.

“… I see you in every scene, I bet your are thinking about me , I have such a short memory, so You keep reminding me of You…”

such a good song,  I forget way to often to think about God, but he gives us so many different reminders. Have you ever just sat and thought about how he didn’t have to make these incredible creatures. it seems like he was showing of for us! He’s created this incredibly complex, extraordinary world with octopuses, and giraffes, and galaxies that go on farther than we can even begin to perceive. It’s inconceivable.

In the middle of our mess and our chaos and utter unbelief, in the middle of our tragedies, our heart break, our hurt, pain, loss, regret, shame, laziness, anger, addiction, in the middle of all this GOD, the CREATOR, the WORLD BREATHER, HE comes and flips our world upside down. He comes as baby in a troff that animals eat out of. He washes the feet of fishermen. He talks to the cheater, the pain inflicter, the horrid human, the criminal, the adulterer, He talks to me! He will talk to you.

He wants to carry your baggage, your regret, He’ll take it.

The King that created this world of octopuses and giraffes for the heck of it, was nailed through the ankles so that you can walk without chains tied to yours…