Palmetto GA Baptist Children's Home

December 28 - January 1

how to go

Coming as a group

This is perhaps the easiest way to come.  Most everybody knows everybody so maybe you're relaxing and getting down to mission a bit faster. Group leader can simply contact our office by email or phone: // 336 577 7473, and you will be given our application packet.

This packet contains registration forms, packing and general information sheets, individual support packets, (background check information for students / leaders over 16 who will be going to Florida homes / included in registration fee).

Group leader will be responsible to get team registered and to our place of departure.... (the Reid Barn) // 127 Home Tours will track support for team members as it arrives.

Coming as an Individual

Let's just begin by saying, "we love you brave people!"  Just so you know, you are the necessary mystery that makes journeys like these the Divine adventure we get excited about! 

Your coming along is not much different than coming as a group.  You're simply looking after details for yourself and communicating directly with us. So...

Simply contact our office by email or phone: // 336 577 7473, and you will be given our application packet.

This packet contains a registration form, packing and general information sheet, individual support packet, (background check information for students / leaders over 16 who will be going to Florida homes/included in registration fee).

You will need to get registration form and other documents requested in on due dates and be ready to adventure when "the day" arrives // 127 Home Tours will track your support as it arrives (if you choose to use the 127 Home Tour funding packet).

127 support packet 

how it works

A 127 Home Tour Support Packet contains the following:

  • 20 support letters written on your behalf
  • 20 large & 20 small envelopes 
  • 20 return address stickers
  • 20 support cards
  • One instruction sheet on how to assemble with 127 Home Tour Support policies

We want to do everything we can to make this trip possible for you.  So, if you don't have deep pockets or wealthy relatives we think this can help. ;)

  • The dollars that come in on your behalf are credited to your trip
  • Once you've hit your funding goal ($550), any amounts that continue to come in are allocated to team members who need help.
  • Only team members who have sent out ALL 20 letters are eligible to receive surplus gifts from other team members to help them reach their support goal.  
  • All surplus dollars are allocated to tour improvements (i.e: menu upgrade for days on tour/ menu upgrade for our shared meals with Home students and house parents / repairs and maintenance to tour equipment as needed...)


Cost & Other Important Questions

Cost is $550 per team member

covers transportation (26' box truck rental/ van rentals/ car rentals)/ fuel/ All meals excluding fast food stops in transit / lodging/program expenses/ ADMINISTRATIVe staff support/ maintenance and repairs  

Registration funds can be raised through 127 Support letters or payed out of pocket or both.  

refunds will not be returned after posted deadlines for cancelations // deposit is non-refundable... no exceptions for both. (funds from cancelations will be dispersed to other team members with need)

age limit???  YEs....  must be rising 9th grader or above 

(While these homes are safe, they are housing teenagers from very hard life circumstances....  some are adjudicated to these homes and have criminal records... some are young ladies being rehabilitated from sex trafficking.... We need students who are mature enough to have conversations with these students without becoming overwhelmed or "learning things" before they're ready to hear them.)  

I have kids... can they go?

In lieu  of the age limit above the answer is...YES.  Nothing speaks louder to these kids than to see intact families on mission... They need to know it's possible... However, if they are a middle schooler, they will not be listed as "team members" per say...  You can follow our lead as our road staff will have five younger children with them.  So... Kids under 12 can go free with a parent...  middle school age will have a $350 registration fee (covers additional transportation, fuel, meal expenses).

can I come to "half a Leg"?

Yes... but the registration fee is still $550....


can you promise i will come back???

"no... but if you do, you will not be the same"

                                                                  -Gandalf to Bilbo Baggins