Taking Time to Assess, Learn and Improve!!!

Greetings Friends.  Can't express our thanks well enough for your support of the 2017 summer Home Tour.  Our last leg saw 35 youth go from death to life in Jesus Name!  

At present we would like to ask you to begin praying as we are preparing to earnestly seek the face of the Lord for how to walk out future tours.  We've been so busy doing them on shoe string budgets and hastily gathered teams that we haven't had an opportunity to get quiet and engage with discipline how to do this better.

Questions we will be considering:

Can we expand to four summer legs?

If so, can this be financially viable.  The need is real and present... but is the support?

Should we seek to enlist youth and college groups from willing congregations?

Should we attempt to partner with Bible colleges to offer "summer internship opportunities for credit?

Should we simply assemble summer staffs who serve out the entire tour schedule...?

Can we improve logistics to cut cost without loosing quality in presentation and relationships?

These questions and more....  

Of one thing we are sure.  If we are to continue this tour, an upgrade of touring equipment needs to happen before striking out on the road again.  Our staging and lighting rigs are over 10 years old.  Its getting harder and harder to keep them up and running.  Our current P.A. is over 15 years old.  It is no longer road / able.  We were blessed to have it for so long, but the expense and time needed to keep up with constant repairs has caught up with us.  We are beginning now to raise the $15,000 needed to replace our current stage platforms, pa speakers, projectors, lighting rig, and microphones.  We realize that these may not seem like great philanthropic "needs"... but for this mission to continue the way it has happened over the past 11 years they are very important needs to us.  The kids we visit have lives full of our culture's "left overs and hand me downs."  We are fully committed to bringing them more than that.  We are committed to bringing them our BEST!  Our best in relationship and our best in worshiping atmospheres.     

If you would like to help us get a jump on getting these dollars raised you can go to the donate page and use the stripe link provided or even mail to P.O. Box 26, Wallburg, NC 27373.  Make checks to 121 Inc.   Thanks so much for making the Home Tour youth camps a life-giver to youth who need it!